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Raw sakura shrimp that melts in your mouth: one of its kind in the world

Its melt-in-your-mouth texture is one of a kind! The sakura shrimp is a rare species in the world which can only be caught at Suruga Bay domestically, and in Shizuoka and Taiwan globally. Shizuoka is the only place in the world where sakura shrimp can be savored raw.

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Mt. Fuji – a world cultural heritage

Mt. Fuji is Japan’s highest peak and is considered one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Mihonomatsubara is a representative landscape of Mt. Fuji which has become familiar as the theme of numerous works of art such as ukiyoe (Japanese woodblock prints of everyday life in the Edo period). Mihonomatsubara has come to be highly regarded as a wellspring for works of art, and is a constituent of the world cultural heritage of Mt. Fuji.

Japanese Green Tea’s popularity is spreading around the world

Shizuoka is famous as Japan’s top production center for Japanese Green Tea. Japanese Green Tea is gaining in popularity due to the rise in health-conscious living around the world, and Japanese cuisine being recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. Shizuoka City has a tea market, and numerous tea shops and green tea cafés.

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