Tourism Goodwill AmbassadorsTourism Goodwill Ambassadors

Celebrities with a connection to Shizuoka City help promote its charms!
Introducing the “Shizuoka City Tourism Goodwill Ambassadors”

Since 2011, Shizuoka City has appointed celebrities with a connection to the city, and who are active either internationally or domestically, as Goodwill Ambassadors. They devote themselves to promoting the different projects and charms of Shizuoka City

Shizuoka City Tourism Goodwill Ambassador Ms. Rio MORI

Hello everyone !
I am Shizuoka City Tourism Goodwill Ambassador Rio MORI.
 As someone who loves her hometown of Shizuoka, I am proud and thankful for being assigned such a significant duty.
Although Shizuoka is blessed with a pleasant climate year-round, every change of season can be experienced clearly through its beautiful nature and delicious ingredients.
Recently, a plethora of charming caf?s have opened in the central part of town, and I particularly love relaxing at a terrace in Gofuku-cho, or as I have lunch in Kuno with a sea view.
 Shizuoka’s green tea, renowned for being one of its charms, has shops that have been blending tea to make modern mixes. Residents of Shizuoka definitely have a knack for blending traditional and modern!
 I must not forget to mention Shizuoka’s greatest pride, the National Treasure Kunozan Toshogu.
This place means a lot to me. I have been going to pray to Kunozan Toshogu since I was little, so I have a strong attachment to it. Honestly, I believe that praying to Ieyasu helped me win the Miss Universe title!
 In the future, I hope to share the culture and fantastic traditions of Shizuoka with as many people as possible. I hope everyone can find an interest in this city and want to visit it. I promise, you’ll find yourself relaxed by the end of your stay, and perhaps you’ll even discover a new you.
   I await you in Shizuoka City!

Shizuoka City Tourism Goodwill Ambassador Mr. SHUNPUTEI Shota

I am Shizuoka City Tourism Goodwill Ambassador, SHUNPUTEI Shota

 I am honored to have been given such an important role from my hometown, Shizuoka City!
 It was after I left Shizuoka for the first time, that I realized what a wonderful a place it was. When you live there, as a local, you get to spend your day seeing its charms and become blind to them, however, Shizuoka City really has it all, and I think it is a charming city that is very easy to live in.

 Surrounded by nature, mountains and sea alike, with a view of the magnificent Mt. Fuji, and delicious foods ? where even the tap water is delicious, which is unusual for such a big city! It would really be brilliant if more people got to know all those good things about Shizuoka. I am only a goodwill ambassador and my power is limited but I will strive to let people know what a delightful place Shizuoka is.

Shizuoka City Tourism Goodwill Ambassador Ms. ASUMI Rio

I am Shizuoka City Tourism Goodwill Ambassador, former member of the Takarazuka Revue, ASUMI Rio.

I am extremely honored for the opportunity to become a Goodwill Ambassador for my hometown, Shizuoka City.

 Shizuoka is a city where you can feel at ease, surrounded by nature, living to the rhythm of the 4 seasons. The rustic and calm atmosphere are what I love most about the city, and I hope more people will come and experience this relaxed and tranquil ambience for themselves.

 In middle school, I saw a performance of the Takarazuka Revue and instantly became obsessed with it; which is why I decided to enter the Takarazuka Music School. I trained hard every day and succeeded in making my childhood dream come true: I can now stand on stage!

 I would like to send hope to all of the children of Shizuoka City pursuing their dreams.

By giving better performances, I hope to be serving Shizuoka City. I humbly ask for your support.