“Shizuoka City is Fabulous” Project“Shizuoka City is Fabulous” Project

Ms. Sakura Momoko gave its name to the “Shizuoka City is Fabulous” project which is about introducing and promoting all of Shizuoka City’s fabulous places.

The “Shizuoka City is Fabulous” project, is a set of illustrations and catchphrases created by Ms. Sakura Momoko, who was born in Shizuoka City, to promote her place of birth. The idea was born when looking for a way to promote the city during a national meeting that took place in Shizuoka City in 2007. We first asked her to draw one illustration and a catchphrase about Shizuoka’s “fabulousness”. There are now 22 illustrations. Shizuoka City uses those illustrations to introduce and promote the many charms of the city.

Main illustrations for “Shizuoka City is Fabulous”

Message from Momoko Sakura

Profile: SAKURA Momoko

Born in Shimizu City (now Shimizu Ward) Shizuoka Prefecture in 1965, Sakura Momoko starts her career as a mangaka (cartoonist) in 1984. She wins the Kodansha Shojo Manga Prize in 1989, and a year later, her work, “Chibi Maruko-chan” is adapted into anime. She was in charge of writing the anime’s ending song’s lyrics “Odoru Pompokorin” which won the Japan Record Awards. All trilogy of her essay, “Momo no Kanzume”, were a million seller. Her career continued until 2018 when she passed away at 53 years of age. In December the same year, she won the Shizuoka Citizens’ Honor Prize which was held for the first time.